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Carretera Austral

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Carretera Austral

I and husband are planning to cycle the Carretera Austral in Chile. We would like to get some more info about the trip. We will start from the south... but not sure how to do it best. We are in Mendoza at the moment, will continue to Ushuaia and take a trip to Antarctica. Then on to Punta Arenas and from there to the starting point of Villa O´Higgins. We dont have any bikes yet, but will buy them when we get closer. One idea would be that we´d cycle just a part of the CA, starting in Coyahique, where we´d also buy the bikes. Does anyone have other ideas? Are there any second hand bikes to buy?

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Hi, Cycling the CA was a


Cycling the CA was a great experience for us. If you start from the south, you'll have the biggest difficulty right from the start : the crossing of the argentinian/chilean border just before Villa O'Higgins. There are only a few kilometers to cross, but some of it is pretty tough :)

There weren't many good bike shops en-route and as I remember, the biggest place for bikes is by far Santiago de Chile. You should be able to get bikes in the cities, but I'm not sure about their sturdiness. Why not do the Carreterra while heading south ? The winds are generally more in your favor this way and the Ruta 7 is a lot nicer than the Ruta 40.

If you want more up-to-date info, and if you haven't done so already, I suggest you join the Panam-riders google groups!forum/panam-riders

Happy travels

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Thanks for the answer! Well,

Thanks for the answer! Well, we will go to Antarctica first, as its the best season to do that now or early Feb. So thats why we´d start from the south. But we must keep on looking for bikes as we get to bigger cities :)

Thanks a lot!

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