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New to bike touring. Looking for touring bike suggestions

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New to bike touring. Looking for touring bike suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions on where to find used bikes that are best suited for touring? I'm based in Maryland near DC and plan to do some shorter touring trips in that region. I'm new to bike touring and want to get my feet wet. I'm hoping to do a longer bike tour in the future out in Western USA (New Mexico to Oregon and Washington State to Alaska) which is why I'm not sure if I should buy a bike and ship it wherever I plan to tour or rent bikes for individual trips. Thanks! Fay

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Touring bike recommendation

Hi - after doing some (admitidly limited) research I went for a Vivente and it has been great. Australian company with many / most components made in Taiwan. the various designs are based on real life experience of various continents, environments. for me the Deccan model World randonneur is making my travels in Australia, Europe and UK very comfortable and relaible. Easy to service and fix the few things I have needed to deal with. Not sure they are available over there? good luck hope you find a great bike.

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Der Weg ist das Ziel ... �

There's loads of suitable bikes available these days. Even your Brompton can be used for touring depending on your needs, ingenuity and stamina...
I travelled several days with tent and all on my Brompton.
Max day trip 150 km, in flat terrain.
Be flexible and travel with your own bicycle, and rent where it's sensible...

If a bicycle are in good condition and adjusted to your personal measures(!) essential equipment like saddle, racks and bags are more important than a specific model.