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Need help for translation

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Need help for translation

I've just beginning a DIY non profit multilingual project about the useful vocabulary for bike travellers. I'll be silkscreenprinted in a squatted diy workshop in Grenoble (France) and sold (for donation - no fixed price) or given with a cd with all the sentences, words recorded in mp3 files.
(I've already done that type of project with the useful vocabulary for DIY punk/crust/... bands on tour.)

Well. I'm looking for people who could translate the whole stuff and record it in mp3 files.
Languages are - for the moment (if someone want to translate into an other one, no problem !) - :
italian, spanish, portuguese, greek, slovenian, slovak, czech, estonian, latvian, swedish, norwegian, danish, romanian, bulgarian, serb, croatian, turkish, russian, japanese, arabic, hungarian, dutch, esperanto.

Many thanks for your help.


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Hi Richard, it's not really

Hi Richard,

it's not really clear what it's including. But I'm not a translator.

But I thought maybe this is usefull in your project, too


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Mi ja povas traduki al

Mi ja povas traduki al esperanto.
kion da vortoj vi volas traduki?

if you don't speak esperanto that means:
i can tralate to esperanto,
how many works you want to translate?

but i can't see the point translating to esperanto. if you don't speak it what the use of knowing some espresion?

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I think we might be able to help you out with the Dutch (Flemish...) version. We are travelling at the moment, so I'm not sure how it would work out but we are willing to help :-)
I am guessing we won't get paid for it?
Nina & Gerri

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