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Book Released on Cyclist Jay Austin

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Book Released on Cyclist Jay Austin

Hello! Some of you may have met or may have known of Jay Austin, the American from DC who was cycling the globe with his partner, Lauren, when they were tragically murdered in a terrorist attack in Tajikistan/Central Asia. This is Jay's Mom, Jea Santovasco. I've written a book, 'My Stories Since The Death Of My Son, Jay Austin: An American Murdered By Terrorists While Cycling The Globe'. It was released by Amazon and can be purchased here at All proceeds from the sale of this book will fund The Jay Austin Simply Be Kind Foundation aka Simply Jay Austin; with our goal to create much-needed pollinator gardens needed to sustain our planet; as Jay was an environmental advocate.
If you find this post inappropriate for this forum I apologize. Jay was a Warmshowers host and guest.

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