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Host needs advice

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Host needs advice

While I have toured extensively, my wife has not and would not ever consider it. That's OK, I can hardly ride the 10 miles down to the coffee shop anymore. But I do know what it's like to pitch your tent behind a convenience store in strange town just so you won't get hassled by the police for camping in a park. This is one reason I host. Where we live the nearest legal camping is 35 miles north and 15 miles south and those campgrounds are usually full. Worse yet, the police aggressive enforce this, Woe be the fate of a touring cyclist that thinks it's OK to camp in homeless encampment.

So I host because I know what it's like trying to find just a safe place for the night.

Now my wife comes from a culture that takes great pride and effort when comes to hosting anything. She pulls out all stops, and used to regularly host parties of 30 people, making sure that not one person is even slightly inconvenienced. But something happened ... we got old. She just can't do that any more. She limits our Warmshowers hosting to once a month because she gets worn out fretting and obsessing about whether the guest has the best accommodations ever.

I tell her, Warmshowers people just want a safe place. We can offer that. They can stay in the courtyard where the outdoor shower is and they'll be ecstatic! But no, she feels guilty.

Here's the advice I need. How do I tell my wife that's OK if we just provide a safe place and a shower (yes, warm)?

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More than once I enjoyed

More than once I enjoyed being hosted outside in a garden - with no shower but access to some kind of toilet. No other luxories. No food. Not much conversation. This was perfectly fine for me!
But I don't like to put up my tent and thin sleeping mat on a hard paved floor - so your terrace would not suite my desires for a relaxing sleep. A patch of grass, softer soil or maybe wood is what I am looking for.

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Dear Mrs Ferry

Dear Mrs Ferry,
I am a cyclist and all I need at night is a safe place for me and my bike and my tent.
A shower, access to water and a toilet and mains electricity are the icing on the cake.
Your stone patio would fine because I carry a piece of lightweight Tyvek to protect the floor of my tent and an inflatable sleeping mattress to protect myself. I have camped on stony beaches and carparks and railway platforms like this with no issue, but I would much prefer to camp on your patio in your frankly very beautiful garden.
I also host cyclists, I don´t have a garden but I have a small apartment and a full time job, so sometimes I just meet my guest, put their bike in the garage, and sometimes they have to sleep on the floor of the apartment. I might cook for them, but I often do not, because I don´t have the time or the energy or any food in the fridge. And, because all of my guests know this in advance, they have no problem about it and are really happy just to have a safe place to stay.
Best wishes and please feel free to ask me any questions.
Matt in the Czech Republic

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RE: Host needs advice

May be a way would be to tell your wife that WarmShowers is not AirBnB or B&B. There are people out there expecting “services” from WS hosts, but that’s not the goal. You amy also want to ask any potential guests how many nights they want to spend, and be prepare to respond to those that may say 2 tor 3. I have had that a few times already!

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When we go on tour will often not contact hosts because we ourselves know it puts everyone out.
We often just need a safe place to put up the tent, have a shower and do our thing. After a day in the saddle we just want quiet.
Your wife may be surprised how many cyclists want for nothing.

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It's perfect for me! But

It's perfect for me! But ideal is to have some kind of roof over my tent - to protect it if it rains. It can save an effort to try to get it dry before packing.