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How to get from Ezeira airport to city by bicycle in Buenos Aires

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How to get from Ezeira airport to city by bicycle in Buenos Aires

Hello all,
Does anyone know what would be the best way to get from Ezeira Airport to central Buenos Aires with a bicycle? Is it possible to ride this distance safely? Otherwise, what would be the recommended way of getting it transported to the city?
Best regards,

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Dear Benoît,
I am sorry I cannot answer your precise question, but I will arrive at Ezeiza Airport presumably Nov 29, when is your date?
I will leave my bike in the cardboard box and head a couple of days later to Bariloche, will figure out how.
Probably send me a message for further exchange

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Hi Hermann,

Hi Hermann,
I have written a PM to you.

Does anyone else have some info to share with us?

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So I have finally got around this one by finding private transportation that would be able to load a large bike box (171×85×29cm). Cost me around 50 USD. I watched closely while we were driving away from the airport. It is definitely possible to ride on the highway for the first kilometer, and then turn right just before an overpass, and continue on small backstreets all the way to El Jagüel or Ezeiza train station. I even saw someone biking in the wrong direction on that stretch. However, it looked like there were some small debris on the emergency lane where you would cycle, and I would expect a puncture there (tbc). Cars can also quickly ride at 80km/h on three lanes there. Past the overpass I was talking about, I wouldn't cycle. The emergency lane disappears often (a.o. on bridges), and traffic is hell if you arrive in the morning (and people tend to pass one another *very* closely).
Someone told me they used Cabify for finding an oversized car, apparently it works better than Uber here, and it's cheaper, tbc too.

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Some more info

I went by bus on the stretch from Ezeiza to BsAs central and I can confirm that you can only ride the stretch to the very first exit, after that there are signposts clearly forbidding riding a bicycle on the motorway.
Also, I have got two contacts for transporting a bike box to/from one of the airports in BsAs, feel free to contact me if you need them (not sure I can post their numbers online). My box was 171×85×27cm and fitted just well into the Renault Kangoo. Price on 13/12/2023 from Palermo to AEP: ARS 16.000

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Airport to Ezeiza Alternatives

Hi all,
What Benoit was writing I see very helpful.
My case was a little different, since I spent a few days in the BA area without unpacking my bike, since I flew later to Bariloche to start cycling there.
There’s just 3 km north the so-called Barrio Uno, established in the 50s for the airport workers where I found a cheap family Hospedaje in
The host wanted to put my bike box just on the roof of his small car putting a cable around. I refused since I neither wanted to destroy the box or the bike. So I paid a hefty US$20 in an ordinary bigger taxi.
If you don’t arrive at night, however, and want to unpack your bike, I think you can cycle well directly from the airport, the 2.5 km on the side lane of the motorway to the first road to your right on Av. Los Chivatos. Follow or enter Barrio Uno and southward you have a side road along the motorway.
After 7,5 flat km from the airport you cross the motorway and enter Ezeiza suburb, hold right to train station “estacion”.
From there over daytime you have every 30 min a regional train in 1 h to ‘Constitution’, which is BA central station, train takes bikes and is incredibly cheap. It is worth getting the ‘tarjeta sube’ (charged pay card for public transport in all Argentina), if possible at the airport. Bring US$20 for first AR pesos,
For those without bike there is local bus ‘colectivo’ 518 getting you cheap to Ezeiza train station with tarjeta sube, but they are not taking bikes.
Who is going to cycle in Argentina anyhow shouldn’t expect conditions of Europe.
PS: from Constitution one more hour southward the train takes you to La Plata, worth seeing planned City full of student life and less overwhelming.
But anyhow never expect beaches in BA area…