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Solo cycle tour in South Africa

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Solo cycle tour in South Africa

Dear all,

I am hoping some of you can share some of your knowledge of cycling in SA with me.

I have been invited to a wedding in Cape Town this September. I am thinking of taking some time off before the wedding and do a two-week or three-week tour with my panniers, tent and stove around the Cape Town area, the wine route, the Garden Route and south Karoo.

I was really excited about the idea until I talked to some friends last week who have been to Cape Town and who told me that cycling in SA is a bad idea. Basically they told me that I'll either get mugged by the locals or eaten by the wildlife. They are travelers themselves, but are not what I would call adventurers, more like hotel/organised tours travelers and their comments sounded to me like the stereotypical ones you hear about a far-away region you have heard of but not been to. Regardless, they still managed to spook me a little bit. It feels like a silly reaction, especially considering I have cycled in some remote regions of the world with far worse "reputations". Funny how quickly you become worried about the unknown once you haven't been on an adventure for a while.

Anyway, I wanted to get some feedback from some local cyclists. Should I be worried? My aim is to avoid spending time in busy areas and concentrate more on the countryside and the coast, ideally alternating between camp sites, wild camping, backpackers and of course Warm Showers hosts along the way. Something like this:;jsessionid=A5913F1F72474AF052A42629DB5A53C3?fileId=vvjagwqxiesersto

If anyone has a few minutes I would really appreciate some input!

Looking forward to hearing back from you. In the meantime, take care!!!

Best regards,
Stéphane (which, by the way, is a man's name!)

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South Africa

Hi there, having cycled through Africa i can only give you my opinion, i believe as long as you use good judgment and be off the roads before it gets two dark you will have a fantastic time, i found the hospitality of the south African people to be second to none, in fact it was that hospitality that got me started in warm showers. Good travels

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