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North Korea

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North Korea

Hi friends

It is possible travel by bicycle from China to North Korea? ¿Somebody enjoyed this trip?


¿Es posible cruzar de China a Corea del Norte en bici? ¿Alguien lo ha hecho alguna vez?

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Hi, I am one of South Korean living in Pusan.

Quick answer is that you can not travel from china to North Korea with bicycle.

There is possible traveling in North Korea whose nationality is third countries except

South Korean but it is only for tourists who flying in North Korea.

I don't know how to get into North Korea exactly.

If you want to travel to South Korea, there is a passenger ship between Dalian(China) and

Inchon(South Korea)

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Thank you a lot for the information. I want to know the two sides of Korea by bike, but i see that the better or only one choice is travell to Pyongyang by plane and go to the south

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