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Touring Bike Rental in San Fransisco

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Touring Bike Rental in San Fransisco

Hi Guys! My roommate and I are planing a cycling trip from San Francisco to San Luis Obisbo in early May. Will be flying from Saskatoon, SK Canada and figured it will be easier to rent bikes in SF. We called several bike stores in SF and only found one store (Blazing Saddles) that rents touring bikes. The rental of the bike with front/rear panniers total cost for a week comes to around $450. I was wondering if anyone knows of other stores that rent touring bikes with/without panniers in San Francisco?

Thanks Anna & Pri

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touring bikes needed

I went thru the same thing in helping a couple from France do the same things
the only answer was to buy new bicycles in the SF area along with bicycle panniers, racks some camping gear the cost was over $775
no want really rents touring bicycles in this world unless part of a tour group
Charles willing to help again

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