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Cross Canada from Vancouver to East

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Cross Canada from Vancouver to East

Hello! Everybody.
I have a plan cross canada. and I will start on April, 1.
I will go see Vancouver Island first. (from horsebay through sunshine coast to comox. and go down and down to victoria)
I don't know actually how many days I need to see island. but I have a lot of time.
and then will go to east.

So what I want to know is that time is ok to cross canada of not.
Many of my friend told me it's crazy and too cold everywhere in canada on April.
But I don't want to change my plan.

And this long bicycle trip is first time for me. (when I was in South Korea, I had rode kind of cross South Korea, but it was just 5days, and less 500km. I know cross canada is more than 5,000km.)
So, I want to get an information as many as possible about cross canada. And If you have any idea to share with me, please tell me!

My english is not good. so I know it's hard to understand my english writing for you.
also if you are host of warmshower, please let me take a shower at your place. :)


-Junyoung Park

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Cross Canada

Currently bad snow storms East of Hope BC. You are about 1 month too early, and ideally 2 months too early.

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So you mean it's

So you mean it's impossible...?
Should I change the start time or the route.
Because from April, there won't be the place to stay anymore in Vancouver.
So I have to move with my bike to somewhere else.

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You can google BC Highway Cams and get a real time view of all the snow on routes #1, #3, & #5. It updates every 90 seconds. If you are lucky enough to not see snow, I recommend a very warm sleeping bag and tent for the month of April. I also recommend the book across Canada by bicycle in 72 days. It is sold at MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop stores), for about $20.

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