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Introductions are nice

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Introductions are nice

Matt wrote his and I like the idea.

My name is Rob, soon to be 58, dad to 4 kids (2 boys & 2 girls) all either in College or out. I am a Physical education teacher, wife is RN and thinks I have flipped because I am planning to ride the Trans Am bike trail from Manhattan Beach, Calif.

I am-was a baseball coach but have always wanted to do a long cross country bike trip. Between kids and baseball, there was never a chance. I took at least a year off from baseball and I plan on leaving SoCal May 10th and head east picking up the T.A. Somewhere past Oklahoma...

There is a lot to figure out and the days are flying past. Thanks


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My name's James. I'm 23 year old, and I am not a cyclist. Well, not yet.

In one month I'm leaving on my first bike tour, a 21000km(ish) trip around the world. My friend's think I'm mad, so does my family. But at this point I'll do almost anything to avoid getting a job.

Heard about WarmShowers from a friend. I hope you don't mind me bugging you guys for advice when I'm on the road, maybe even a shower or two.

Nice to join the community


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