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Starter Kit

So here it is,

I'm leaving in two moths, biking across the maritime provinces of Canada, I'll be on my wheels for about three months and am currently shopping for some gear, mostly : a tent.

for those of you that have experience, any tips on what to look for other than the obvious Light and Small! should i get something heavier with more space for storing gear? or just get a tarp and cover my bike if it rains?

Also, if you have any tips, i'm all ears!

thank you!

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Starter Kit


I'm planning a long trip too and today I bought a Vango Banshee 200. I've used similar tents before and camped for years. They are lightweight, good quality and inexpensive.

Saying that, if you have some money to burn, go for the MSR Hubba. Its a beautiful tent. You wont find anything so lightweight and spacious. I almost got one, then I realised it was way out of my price range.

Enjoy your trip

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For the vast majority of my

For the vast majority of my time on the road I've used a goretex bivvy bag, with mosquito net - it takes all of three seconds to set up (and no more than 30 seconds to pack), you can camp just about anywhere, if its a clear night I just put my mattress inside and sleep on top with mosquito net if necessary, and with careful placement of panniers you can wake and make breakfast without getting out of bed. You won't get much more compact or lightweight and you're not shut away from the stars and the great outdoors - that's why you're out there on a bike isn't it?

(hopefully at the very least this will get some tent people upset and provoke a few more replies).

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Re: Starter Kit

Hi Phil,

Here are two other things you may want to consider when selecting a shelter.
* if you will be staying in public campgrounds you may want additional privacy and/or security (compared to a shelter used stealth or wild-camping)
* if you will be putting your shelter on hard ground it may be difficult to drive tent stakes to pitch a conventional tent; in this situation a free-standing tent may be a better choice. To clarify, I sometimes find very hard ground in public campgrounds and in places that are very dry (like the desert).

Also, if you are planning on covering your bike when it rains, consider using a piece of Tyvek building wrap (or similar material) for this task. Tyvek is waterproof, lightweight, and folds up nicely into a small package.

Good luck on your upcoming tour.

-- Kevin

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