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Riding Scandinavia

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Riding Scandinavia

Since my bike will be often unattended, I need to know how I can best protect my bike. I have a "U" shaped Kriptynite type model which is very heavy but with maximum results. Is this necessary or overkill ? I'm riding solo so my bike won't be watched. It seems to be a weight vs. security issue. Any thoughts? Thanks Len

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Few thoughts.Always lock

Few thoughts.

Always lock it.
Lock it to something.
Maybe bring a wire lock to secure the front/rear wheel.
Shabby up the bike a bit. Dirt and oil is your friend
and tape here and there could enhance the look.
Put it with other bikes. If they are less secure or better looking they might be stolen first.
Or get it inside at hostels, hosts or otherwise.

I'm bringing a motion alarm that also doubles as smoke alarm etc.
but thats mostly to alert me. Most other people will just look annoyed,
but take no further notice or action. Bit like car alarms.

Most bike thefts are either people needing a bike to get home from a wet night in town
or professional thieves looking to strip it for parts or resell it.
The former can be deterred with locks... the latter often clean out entire bike racks
and will probably not be stopped by anything.

Bike theft is more or less a "free" crime. A few percent of the cases are solved
and the police doesn't really pay much attention to it.

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