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Two Tyred: Travels of America (NYC - SFO)

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Two Tyred: Travels of America (NYC - SFO)

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to cycle from New York to San Francisco over the Summer and wondering if anyone would be able to offer somewhere to kip during my travels or to join me along any parts of the trip. The following are where I plan to stay (route may change slightly, but its mostly set) with a few rest days along the way. Or, if anyone has an tips on the route that could help me out, it would be much appreciated!

Night Date Place
1 17/07/2014 Philadelphia (PA)
2 18/07/2014 Baltimore (MD)
3 19/07/2014 Chambersburg (PA)
4 20/07/2014 Jennerstown (PA)
5 21/07/2014 Pittsburgh (PA)
6 22/07/2014 Pittsburgh (PA) [rest day]
7 23/07/2014 Youngstown (OH)
8 24/07/2014 Cleveland (OH)
9 25/07/2014 Fremont (OH)
10 26/07/2014 Angola (IN)
11 27/07/2014 Michigan City (IN)
12 28/07/2014 Chicago (IL)
13 29/07/2014 Chicago (IL) [rest day]
14 30/07/2014 Princeton (IL)
15 31/07/2014 Davenport (IA)
16 01/08/2014 Cedar Rapids (IA)
17 02/08/2014 Marshalltown (IA)
18 03/08/2014 Jefferson (IA)
19 04/08/2014 Onawa (IA)
20 05/08/2014 Onawa (IA) [rest day]
21 06/08/2014 Norfolk (NE)
22 07/08/2014 Atkinson (NE)
23 08/08/2014 Valentine (NE)
24 09/08/2014 Gordon (NE)
25 10/08/2014 Crawford (NE)
26 11/08/2014 Lusk (WY)
27 12/08/2014 Casper (WY)
28 13/08/2014 Casper (WY) [rest day]
29 14/08/2014 Rawlins (WY)
30 15/08/2014 Rock Springs (WY)
31 16/08/2014 Lyman (WY)
32 17/08/2014 Salt Lake City (UT)
33 18/08/2014 Grantsville (UT)
34 19/08/2014 Wendover (UT)
35 20/08/2014 Deeth (NV)
36 21/08/2014 Deeth (NV) [rest day]
37 22/08/2014 Battle Mountain (NV)
38 23/08/2014 Lovelock (NV)
39 24/08/2014 Carson City (NV)
40 25/08/2014 Folsom (CA)
41 26/08/2014 Fairfield (CA)
42 27/08/2014 San Francisco (CA) [hotel stay]


(blog to follow!)

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Two Tyred travels

Sam: Lyman, Wyoming to Salt Lake City is quite the ride. 110 miles or so? Salt Lake City to Evanston is 86 miles with Lyman another 30 miles? Are you doing this ride self supported or with a SAG vehicle? Are you simply riding I-80? Lots of traffic. You may also have issues with sharp staple-like metal pieces that come off of worn truck tires.

A much more scenic ride would be to go south at Evanston on route 150 to Kamas, then Park City then to Salt Lake City. I assume from your chosen route you are more interested in riding a lot of miles than scenery.

My wife Julie and I will be on a backpacking trip on the 17th of August but there are many others in Salt Lake to host you.

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Hi Louis and Julie Many

Hi Louis and Julie

Many thanks for your reply, I am currently trying to plan my exact route through this area and your tips have been very useful! I had been trying to avoid the I-80, though it appears to be one of the only options for this stage of the route. I've heard mixed things about the road from other google searches, some calling it "the road from hell" and others saying their trip along it was fine! I'm doing the ride solo but will be taking tools and plenty of puncture repair kits with me.

I may add in a day to do the more scenic route you described, it does look more appealing than the long stretches of I-80, which may mean I have to cut out Cleveland from earlier in my trip

Thanks for your advice, I hope you enjoy your backpacking trip!


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