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Bike Ride For Animals

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Bike Ride For Animals

"For many people, a new era in their lives began with the reading of a book." — Henry David Thoreau.
So for me highlight for me was the blog Josh Huten \fun compare blog with book\, which organized the bike trip along the east coast, the purpose of which was to collect donations to support animal shelter. And this — the idea of ​​organizing same, stuck in my head for a long time and tormented me.

Earlier this spring, I decided to quit my job and share a similar idea. The first weeks of training and organizational issues took away a huge amount of time and effort , adding even more desire to achieve this goal! This is my first big bike trip and I would appreciate any support and is eternally grateful to my friends for they help!
The money I want to send to the support of the private mini- shelter near Kharkov in which I periodically ride with friends . In a private mini — shelter in Kiev organized by tireless animal right activist Nastya Glazoo . And for the Polish shelter in Korabevitsah where I worked for some time Volunteer ( short article\report about this shelter is in the beginning of the blog that I will be write during the trip).
Travel route will be approximately 3,000 km. and pass through seven European countries. I tried to make it rout as interesting as possible , to have something to write and not boring to read .
P.S. This event will be supported by the Polish branch of the British animal rights organization Viva!, Local initiatives HUNGRY Vegan, Social Movement «Friends of Nature», the Polish animal protection initiatives Otwarte Klatki, BASTA!, Zielony Talerz, Vege Inicjatywa, local initiatives Morkva -Club, Spіlnota Vegetarіantsіv of Kyiv , Monika Areczuk DietKlinika, and the first vegan restaurant in Wroclaw VEGA.

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