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Cycling in Cuba

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Cycling in Cuba

I was plaining a trip around Cuba for the next december. I bought the LP Cuba edition and I think it's not A big deal...
It will be my first trip on a bike, and I don't know, entirely, what should I carry on? What I need to eat overthere? Is safe camping Around this country? I knew the people is so warm and fine. Any advice you want to tell me will be receive. Thanks a lot.

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Cuba si, camping no.

Cuba is a cyclist paradise, but not without its dramas.

You're biggest problem will be maps- it's a very localised economy. So you normally ask directions to the nearest town. Routes aren't often signposted in the countryside so there is a lot of guesswork required.

I wasted a lot of space and weight carrying my camping gear around- and it was very rarely used. Essentially it the entire country is not camping friendly. The mindset of Cubans is "why carry tents and sleeping bags, when you can rent a room for the night?" (Hint, you will need lots of hard currency and small change.)

Camping attracts undue attention- even deep into the countryside you will find people in the middle of the night wanting to either quiz you or party with you at all days of the week; not hostile, just not relaxing.

So that's the pesky bits.

The best bits are: fresh fruit stalls, ice-cream, coffee and the mainly flat, low-traffic, high quality tarmac throughout most of the country.

Havana, is just joy by bike. A moving postcard. But you will have to engineer ways to either stow your bike or keep it within view if you need to shop (Cubans are overwhelmingly trustworthy and will often look after your bike for you).

Take spare batteries/proven solar recharging system as lighting becomes an essential once you are out of urban areas.

Try and travel with a the most modest but comfortable bike you can get your hands on and if possible, leave it behind as a gift to a worthy soul. I made the mistake of travelling on a new mountain bike and such ostentaciousness got me more hassles (demands for tips, assumptions about wealth) than needed.

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Thanks a lot for your response. I will carry with a tent for two persons, because we our budget is low, so low than a european or yankee traveler. We want to save so money as it can be possible. You know...

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Cycling in Cuba

Hello, I am a big fan of cycling trips in my locality made ​​trips through the beaches and coastlines of southeastern Cuba. I can help if you need a friend and a good guide lodgings. Greetings Lazaro.
I suggest you routes as Santiago-Baracoa or Satiago-Pilon, wet with warm Cuban coast Eastern Caribbean routes, and across the Sierra Maestra mountain range. Roads in good condition and full of camping sites, fruit stands and other places of interest. Saludos Lazaro

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I think you're cuban. ¿Por qué no mejor hablamos en español?
I understand the weather at december in Cuba is the better for make a trip. So, do you want to join us, (we're 2 guys), or you want to offer your services? No offensem just asking. Thanks a lot for your response!

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OK, no hay problema hablemos en español

Hola, claro que puedo darte mis servicios solo a cambio de amistad, tienes razon, la mejor fecha para pedalear en cuba es Noviembre-Febrero pues no hay intenso calor. Claro que puedo unirme a ustedes dos, eso podemos planificarlo mas adelante. Puedes escribirme a mi direccion y nos pondremos en contacto... Saludos Lazaro

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hola lazaro

intente a te contactar por el email pero no funciono. Voy a cuba jan 14 a 19 con mi novia, y quiere charlar sobre mis planes. kesten.broughton at the gmails

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