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Northern Ireland to France

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Northern Ireland to France

Dear All,

looking for a bit of advise at the moment.
Looking to go from Northern Ireland to France sometime this summer.
Due to limited amount of time (about 2 weeks), planing to cycle part of Euro Cycle route on west side of France, then taking a train to Paris and then cycling to Roscoff up the northern cycle route.

If anyone has experience in roughly the same route, or touring around France, is there any suggestions? places to visit? travel with bike by train? camping (apart of camping sites)? what are these EuroVelo cycling routes are like?

Any info is highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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Hey. An option would be to

Hey. An option would be to get a train to Orleans, then follow the EV6 to Nantes, then the Nantes a Brest canal to Carhaix, old railway from Carhiax to Morlaix an cycle route to Roscoff. Nice route that we did last year in reverse. Camping was easy, plenty of little wooded areas to hide in and cemeteries are great for water.

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