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Cycling from Seattle to Newburyport MA this summer

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Cycling from Seattle to Newburyport MA this summer

Hello fellow cyclists. I am new to warm I have done loads of touring, including an earlier cross country ride from Boston to Seattle in 92. I large part of the allure has always been the people I have met along the way - many that have gone out of their way to provide hospitality to a lone and tired cyclist. I am looking forward to plugging into this network, and welcome any who visit Massachusetts to drop in on us in Merrimac.

This may not be the most appropriate way to get my questions answered - so please chalk it up to my being a greenhorn and simply guide me in the appropriate direction. I am trying to rough out a schedule and don't know if I can simply plug in a route, or is it best to plug in each city piecemeal?

Thanks in advance!