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Southeast Scotland mini-tour Review

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Southeast Scotland mini-tour Review

I'm just writing to give a little review of my tour from Edinburgh-Alloa-Dundee-St.Andrews and back so that if anyone has any interest in riding that area they'll be able to check this out in the future.

I started out form Edinburgh and rode along the canal out to Falkirk. Although it's a cycle route, the path was rather gravelly and cobblestoney, and I wouldn't very much recommend this part, just because of how slow the terrain makes it on a touring bike. If that's no problem for you, it's quite a nice and flat ride. After that, I took the train to Alloa because i had to be at a wedding.

Then I rode 54 miles to Dundee, a fantastic ride in general, following cycle routes all the way through Perth and then into the city. Cycling the B934 was one of the best rides I've ever had. Then I went to St. Andrews the next day, following cycle route 1 through the Tentsmuir forest, a really relaxing ride along the beach. Out of St. Andrews, I went down to Kirkcaldy, which was really a fantastic day of riding, following the A916 and B930 (have directions if needed) on one of the more picturesque days. And then from there just followed cycle path 1 down into Edinburgh the next day. Would really recommend this area for riding, and although it's not the highlands, it's quite a beautiful ride. Let me know if you have any questions!