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Trondheim to Stockholm by bike or train?

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Trondheim to Stockholm by bike or train?

Part of our trip we need to try and get from Trondheim to Stockholm and hsve been told cycling isn't advisable as there are only busy roads. Therefore I think we need to get a train. Any advise for this journey, whether by bike or train would be appreciated.

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Try cycling, book a train last minute if not comfortable

I can't comment on the cycling but we have driven from Verdal (north of Trondheim) to Ostersund.

In August, the roads aren't as busy as rush hour in Paris or generally other large cities. However the roads aren't large but in some places you can ride on what would normally be roads for Nordic skiing. The road between Trondheim and Ostersund passes through Are, which is a resort and hence warrants a lot of traffic on that road.

I personally would try cycling the road and see how you feel.

The Norwegian and Swedish are excellent and courteous drivers, better than those in North America for sure because their drivers test is so hard. Rarely would they ever speed or break rules. I would feel more comfortable cycling in Sweden and Norway than some other places in this world.

You can often book a train last minute ( if you find that you are not comfortable riding the road in the end. There's regular train service in that region, including a night train for Östersund/Åre - Stockholm. We weren't allowed bicycles on the high speed SJ trains from Stockholm to Copenhagen... not sure about domestic trains, but phone ahead to inquire. We had folding bikes, so we didn't encounter issues on the high speed train.

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