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visa iran

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visa iran

I want to share a good solution for iranien visa. As you know, the visa is often given for short time, two weeks or one mounth max. Then, inside the country you will have to extend it.
Here is interesting. If you extend by your self, you will get two weeks more. But if you bring an iranien friend (wich is easy to find) with you, the office will extend it easly for two or three mounth. This friend will be responsable of your journey, wich means that you shouldn't make bad things. Anyway, you save time, money and stress. I advise you to do it in little city also...

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thank you

Thank you very much for the tip , I appreciate.

I will go to Iran in a few years, good to know ...

As you said, Iranian are very friendly people.

Ne glande pas trop ! après c'est difficile de trouver un job !

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