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North alabama, Shelter needed for 3 guys Tuesday June 3

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North alabama, Shelter needed for 3 guys Tuesday June 3

Hi guys, this might seem a bit random, but I have a very important and unorthodox request. 3 of my best friends are biking across the country, starting from Georgia and going to San Francisco (I couldn't make the trip because of money ).

Right now they are camping towards the end of the silver comet trail.

I was wondering if anyone in north Alabama, specifically along US-278 near Attalla/Walnut Grove or Along 157, could offer them some shelter for a night?

There's supposed to be some really nasty thunderstorms in the coming night. If any of you guys could get me in contact with them that would be incredible!

They're all really nice and humble guys, enjoy craft beer, play video games like smash bros/LoL/starcraft and board games, and LOVE animals. Really stand-up guys. Super easy to get along with and could really use some help.

He asked me to post this because his phone is dying and they don't have a good enough signal for internet. I would really appreciate it guys!