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advance notice

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advance notice

I biked to Denmark last summer from Compiègne, north of Paris. I had tentativelt contacted a few possible host but due to various reasons, it did not turn out that I could stay with any of them.
My question regards etiquette about advance notice. I plan to bike up the Loire valley this summer. I know that I have a hard time to plan in advance where I'll be the following evening, let alone in a few days.
How can I still enjoy to stay with warmshower hosts? I can happily camp and I mostly do but I find it very interesting to meet other cyclists or cyclist friendly people.
How do you deal with this issue?
Thanks in advance.

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As a host I have less

As a host I have less problems with people who email or call just one hour before their arrival in town. Of course the time is too short to clean the house, buy stuff for a special meal or prepare anything special - but I will know if we have time and space or not. If the cyclist don't expect more than a place to sleep, a shower and a little time for some conversation - this is perfect: No stress for guest and host!

Making arrangements a week before often results in trouble on both sides: The host prepares the room, cancels appointments and so on. The cyclist is pressed to keep his scedule. But in a lot of cases the cyclists still has to change plans and ask the host if a different date of arrival will be possible or even to cancel the stay...

In some cases asking only a few hours before arrival will be too late - because you won't reach the host(s) or they have made other plans. C'est la vie...


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The Sweet Spot

I'm currently on tour and after speaking with a few hosts about this it seems that a 36-48 hour notice is usually the sweet spot. I've noticed that if hosts want more notice they will often mention that in the profile.

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advanced notice

As a host over the past 4 years I have had anywhere from 2 months to 4 hours notice.
Most have been the day before they arrive. So far I have been able to accommodate
all of them.
The one thing I would urge all parties involved to do is in a timely manner communicate any
changes. If you are riding and due to circumstances out of your control you cannot make it
at the time, or even day you have asked for, be sure to let the host know as soon as you can. If as a host you cannot fulfill your hosting abilities please tell the guests that too so
that they can make other arrangements
The only disappoints I have had while hosting are folks that contact me about staying at my home and I respond yes and then never hear back. That happened once this Spring and I found out that the guest took a slightly different route and stayed at a Warmshower home in the next town north. So if you ask someone to stay please follow thru with the communication so that everyone knows what to expect. No I did not stalk him, the host he chose writes a weekly column in the local paper and she mentioned him by name.

Ok my 2 cents are done

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I agree that communication is

I agree that communication is key. As a host, I'm open to a request like, "can I stay with you, I'm not sure yet if I'll be there Thursday or Friday" and then we stay in touch as the day gets closer. I also know that communication on the road can be difficult, especially for international travelers without a phone who need a WiFi spot to communicate.

Of course customs vary around the world. What works in California, USA, may not work at all in Europe.

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Advance notice is a difficult

Advance notice is a difficult thing as hosts may not know what they are going to be doing in 2 weeks time or next week or even 3 days time. But they dont want to refuse people looking for places to stay. On the other hand, if they are like me, they dont want their life ruled by visitors.

You have got to accept that the arrangements are not concrete and can be changed by both sides at the last minute. But it is important to keep each other informed.


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Merci pour toutes ces

Merci pour toutes ces réponses. Le maître mot semble être COMMUNICATION. A partir de là tout devrait bien aller. Pour l'instant j'ai contacté quelques possibles hôtes en étant vague quant aux dates. Je confirmerai mon passage et échangerai les n° de tél lorsque je serai plus prêt des adresses sollicitées. C'est dommage quand il n'y a pas de réponses mais je suppose que ça peut arriver d'oublier de signaler quand on s'en va et/ ou de ne pas vérifier souvent. Il y a une vie en dehors des selles de nos vélos!!

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