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I want to be on the road; need advice!

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I want to be on the road; need advice!

Dear Friends,

I have been thinking about going on the road! But I am not sure if I can do it! I don't know anything about what might happen to me. I don't have any experience! But I really like to do that. I really like to see the world, the people, the cultures...and to find and see myself! I need to find myself. I feel I have lost myself. I like to be free! I like to find peace and happiness inside me! :(( Now I am a 27-year-old boy and I don't want to continue my life like before! I don't want to wake up some day and see that I am 40 or 50 and have done nothing worthy in my life!
I have recently left my country Iran and have moved to Georgia. Leaving Iran and coming to Georgia was a big step for me, and now I want to continue this step!
I have always liked touring the world and ever since I got to know about the "Warmshowers" and met and hosted some amazing cyclists, my desire got stronger. I want to do that but I don't know what to do! I don't know if I can do it physically! My body is not ready! i am not fit for such a ride! I don't have a bike yet; actually I don't have anything yet! Because I don't know what I should buy! What do I need?
My dear friends, I need your help...If there's someone out there who can hear me, please help me! I need advice! Please, help me!!!

Thanks a million. I hope I can some day meet you on the road!


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Hi Mr Heidari,

I've got Your post. WELCOME in

I hope the best.

Regards Sebastian

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beginning cycling

I would suggest renting a bike from your local store and try riding increasing distances each week. Plan a short ride -credit card ride- to a nearby town where all you carry is a credit card water and bike pump. If you succeed increasing your distances contemplate a 2-3 day ride and hooking up with a warmshowers host to see how you feel about the situation and how you are received. Take it in doable steps until you build your stamina, travel savvy on the bike, and your confidence. It should not take long if you are diligent. Prepare yourself for setbacks and you will be okay. As to whether or not you are physically able to do it my 12 year old daughter just cycled across France with us. Good luck.

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Thanks a million

Dear Amanda,
First of all, I want to thank you for taking your time and commenting on my post. It meant a world to me. So thanks a million.
Second, your suggestion was so helpful and informative for me. I will do that and will start by increasing distances. But there are some other things that I need to know. For example, I don't know exactly what gear I need! The most important item is the bike! Then comes other stuff like bags, tent,cooking stuff and probably some other things that I don't know! Also I lack the experience and there are many things and situations about which I don't have any idea now and I definitely need to learn from others. Of course, now and then I try to read the blogs of other cyclists and use their experiences.
About getting fit, I have started exercising and running in the mornings. Of course, I know that cycling needs more stamina than that!
By the way, it was very sweet that you mentioned your daughter! I'm sure she is a very strong and athletic girl and I'll try to make her my example! Of course,she has a very good and athletic mom and family.
Once again, thank you very much.
Wish you and your family the best.

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Kami, don't hesitate to go

Kami, don't hesitate to go on. I've been in very similar situation to you. Three month ago I didn't know anything about traveling on the bike. Now after 12 days of my journal, I've done more then 1000km (150km in mountains). I did this without any special training. Yes, the first 3-4 days was terrible, but my body adapt to this kind of activity. All you need is faith you can do it. My advice is to use weight/price ratio when you start buying things. Good luck Kami.

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pro & against

Hi Kami,

I mean, it's important both side of any decision: pro AND con. It's good to hear both sides.

You can tell me about by forum and by private message.

Regards Sebastian

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Hi Kami. I can read you have

Hi Kami.
I can read you have the right motivation and ultimately that is all you need. Don't worry about fancy bikes and tent and other gear. Even the whole idea of getting fit before you start doesn't matter, you will get fit once you start riding.
My first bike trip a couple years ago was on a 20 year old three speed bike. All I had was the cheapest rear panniers, a heavy 2 person dome tent, second hand gas stove and thin walled stainless pans.
I had all the wrong gear, had to push my bike up nearly every hill, couldn't go faster than 35kmph because the handlebars would wobble uncontrollably. In the end I seized the front wheel because I knew nothing about maintenance...
You know what though, it was the coolest trip I had done till then. I had so much fun and felt what it was like to be really free and independent.
Also I learned so much and when I returned I was even more determined. I watched countless YouTube videos on mechanics, practising with old bikes, and I stated to appreciate the value of a good bike and gear, so I knew what I was working for.

Bottom line is, just get a cheap bike and some second hand gear and just go for a month or two, take it easy, for me it still doesn't matter if I ride 40 or 150 km in a day, it's all about enjoying your trip and you don't have to be fit to enjoy it.

I am sure you will never regret it.
Rock n roll!

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bike is SLOW FOOD !

I am almost retired ... have been a motorbiker for almost 40 years.

bycicle is just fun, good for your health, good for your spirit, good for the planet and it is cheap.
met a lot a lot lot people.

i started with a very cheap bike and enjoyed it very much.
Now i know I love bycile, I bot a CHF 5000 bike ( Papalagi with rohloff, supernova, son, ... oertlib ... )

BEWARE, here in Europe, a lot of banditos and theft. NEVER LEAVE YOU BIKE AT NIGHT ON THE STREET !

so you are in Georgia, but where in the usa ?

Should you be in Switzerland, please be my guest.
i have a few Iranian friends and indeed IRAN and CHINA have a lot of commun regarding hospitality and culture.


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