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Is it in the spirit of Warm Showers?

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Is it in the spirit of Warm Showers?

This is another angle of a previously covered topic.

My partner and I are travelling from Denmark to Cornwall in England next week. We are going to our first Helpx assignment. We will be driving down to Dunkirk, France with out touring bikes on the back. We intend to ride in as many countries as possible on our trip, even though long portions will have to be driven. After a week of Helpxing we intend to tour Cornwall by bike.
During our trip we hope to ride in, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and England. It would be nice to meet other cyclists as we travel.

Is it in the Spirit of Warm Showers to search out hosts for a trip like this?


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If you arrive or depart from

If you arrive or depart from your host's home by bicycle then I think that's entirely acceptable otherwise there are plenty of other hospex sites out there where you can stay in someone's home for free, enjoy their hospitality and learn about their life and their part of the world.

No doubt you will find other members and potential hosts who think differently but I (and I think I could venture to say many others here) would like to see WS retain its identity as a site for hosting touring cyclists and with so many other choices out there for cultural exchange and hospitality I can't say I have much sympathy with the recent fad here of trying to blur the boundaries regarding what constitutes bicycle touring.

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What is annoying is not the

What is annoying is not the person that send a request through WS saying "I will arrive by car", since I know it and can take my decision accordingly.
I host also through CS and BW and do not care too much; I may care more about cyclists for another reason: They are subject to delays more than others, especially due bad weather, even me the last time I went around ten days ago I got a day of bad weather so I skipped one day getting a train looking for a drier place. this is acceptable if it is occasional.
What is in another way less acceptable are the ones that claim to be cyclists just to get more easily hospitality.
I had two people (not through WS) that told me that they were cycling from Roma to Verona and needed absolutely a place in Firenze.
When they arrived I saw two rusted bikes, good only for city and I asked how could they have travelled with that bikes.
They told me that they pedalled about 20 km every day, moving by train up to 20 km before their destination and riding the last ones.
Actually they had the advantages of train travellers (no surprises on the road) and the bicycle riders (easy to move in and around the city) so I was not so happy since I had refused two other people that probably deserved more the place, since I hosted them only because were cycling.

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Looking for clarification

WS. I was not looking to blur the boundaries, more to clarifiy them.

I think our trip to Cornwall is more suited to CS and then WS when we start touring in Cornwall.


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Sorry, that was not directed

Sorry, that was not directed specifically at you, it was more of a general observation regarding some of the things that have been appearing on the forums as of late (ie - I'm not travelling by bike but I like bikes surely i can be hosted, I am unable to travel by bike but have hosted other people on WS therefore surely I have earned the right to be hosted regardless of how i travel etc, etc) it just doesn't make sense to me when there is a hospex network with 130 billion members or whatever and everyone knows the name of it and how to find it.

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