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Find a dinner/host on in addition to a warmshower:)

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Find a dinner/host on in addition to a warmshower:)

Hi, I would like to share another cool community called Finding warmsshowers and a dinner could be a great combination. I like to combine cool communities like this one and Cheers for free world and warmshowers.

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Thanks for sharing. I didn´t

Thanks for sharing. I didn´t know about that. I think it´s not so common in Brazil.

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Hi Thiago!

It is a new concept but slowly spreading all over the world. It would be great if you share the website among your friends, so purpledinner gets more hosts/guests from Brazil:)

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If you check into the site, they don't, in their own words in the FAQ, "At the moment" charge any fees. WATCH OUT ! They encourage hosts to charge though! WATCH OUT ! They also are open to sell all your info and tracking travel habits, etc. etc. WATCH OUT ! If you think i'm over reacting, look at other sites like most of the hospitality sites, etc...they all are open to sell your info and tracking, etc. They are constantly tryin to figure out how to draw you to a service on their site and its "free" at least to start, with you giving up all your info rights, etc. They they sell it, and start charging you to continue to use the site after your hooked on it or have established relationships on it, etc, etc, etc. BE AWARE!!!!!!

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Purple Dinner is legit, no need to watch out... I'm the owner


Good post. You have to watch out for websites these days. But you can trust PurpleDinner. I am the owner of PurpleDinner, and I'll respond to each point you raise, and you are free to quote me.

I started PurpleDinner recently with a couple of friends, and we are just getting going. As a matter of fact, we don't have much money so for now we're doing things "on the cheap", which is indirectly why some of these points you raise seem to be problems that they are not.

First, yes, we encourage hosts to charge for dinners if they want - or to ask for a small gift (e.g., a bottle of wine). Many guests also offer free dinners, and we encourage this as well. My thought is that charging for dinners - especially for those who cook more lavish meals for their guests - can help people make a small living, or supplement their income. Consider East Europe, where Western tourists often pay $20 or $30 for dinner in restaurants. PurpleDinner could now help people pay this money directly to families, instead of only the established restaurants in town. By hosting two couples per week, a host can make about $80/week, which can more than double a family income in some of these safe but relatively low income countries. This is especially great for a stay-at-home parent to make some extra money.

Second, "At the moment" we do not charge fees - that's true. And we will never charge membership fees - feel free to quote me on this. However, once we set it up on our website (a nice, new version is on the way in a few months!), we will offer an option for guests to pay hosts online through our site, for which we'll charge a small fee. But when hosts offer dinner free of charge, we take no fee, and if a host prefers cash in person, we still charge no fee.

We will not sell info about members. The privacy and terms pages indicate that we might - you are right, but they will not indicate this on our upcoming new version of the website. To keep things cheap, we first built the website through a company called SocialGo, which tailors their social networking "back-end" to user's needs. They build a decent website for very low cost, which is why we used them. They wrote the text you read on the Privacy and Terms pages. We've had many discussions with them about this because we want that text off the page - they told and wrote us directly that they will never sell user info to anyone, but their lawyers make them keep this in - I am still not quite sure why - I think it is just in case one of their clients (e.g., PurpleDinner or other websites they build/host) chooses to sell information, then they will not be liable. However, I assure you we will never sell personal data, and this text will disappear as soon as our new website is ready.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post or about the website in general.

Best regards,
Greg Taff
PurpleDinner founder

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Greg. I have no problem at all with someone trying to create a business. Just be up front with everything!

Both Purple and the "Hosts" need to show "customers" where and how much you will charge for things. Hosts should state upfront in their profile how much a dinner will cost, otherwise youve got someone staying there that will be embarrassed to decline. Purple should clearly disclose all their fees up front too. Even state fees to the host. Why did you only state there will be a "small fee"? Why not state the actual fee? Might it not be so small??

Notice that you CAREFULLY state that you will not charge "membership fees", but watch out, youre gonna charge "other" fees.

The big scam these days is for a site to start, not charge anything, get members hooked and then start charging. Its very common. Couchsurfing did it, they say Hospitality Club did it, Im not sure that BeWelcome wont do it. And what about WarmShowers?

The info privacy thing is a lie! Dont try to tell people that you have no control over keeping their info private because of SocialGo, etc. Then dont use them! They "told you" they never will sell the info, but their BIG BAD Lawyers "made them do it" What Crap!

Be totally and completely up front with everything and it would all be fine and I'd cheer you on!, but so far, its clear you dont want to be upfront with people! So sad. I hope you change.

Everyone should read this thread carefully and be aware as they look at the Purple site. "Buyer Beware"!

Anyone with questions or concerns bout this, message me or reply here!

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again, letting you know I am being upfront

Hi again, Brettman,

Well, you're reacting quite skeptically to this, but I guess it's understandable because I know a lot of internet companies do try to scam money in various ways. I absolutely will not.

Again, I'll address your points one by one, and let me know if anything is unclear.

First of all - if you look through the PurpleDinner site carefully, you'll see that hosts do state upfront on their profile exactly how much dinner costs - though a few may have chosen to leave that space blank. If you go to someone's house who has not stated the price, you should definitely ask them in an email before having dinner in their home.

All services we currently provide for free, we will always provide for free. We may add other services that we may charge for - one is the one we discussed - guests will be able to pay hosts online if they both choose (and only if they choose) - in which case we'll take a "small fee" - why did I just write "small fee" - because, honestly, we are just 3 friends starting up a website out of passion and excitement and we haven't yet figured out all the details. We are thinking of charging either 0.99 Euro or 1.99 Euro for this service. The exact number I won't promise yet because we just don't know. However, guests and hosts are always welcome to agree to pay in cash in person, bypassing our payment system, in which case we'll get nothing on the transaction. We hope that the convenience and the fact that the hosts know the guests won't do a no-show will be enough motivation to use our online option.

We will not charge membership fees, which means all hosts and guests can have free profiles and connect for dinner. We may introduce other services and charge fees for some of those - for instance, if someone wants to provide online cooking classes to a group of people around the world, we may charge for that. We have to make this a viable business, so we will explore ways to make money, however - and you have my word - we will never sell personal information or charge a membership fee. Again, this means the core service will always be free.

You write that "this is the big scam these days" about how companies start with no fee and then charge one. I understand that many do this. I am telling you and promising we won't. All I have is my word. I promise.

Regarding the privacy thing about SocialGo, please be careful about calling someone a liar unless you are 100% certain. I am a scientist, and in research papers, you will get humiliated by others if you ever write anything you're unsure of. I am telling you, and I do promise, these are not only required by SocialGo, but all the text is written by them. If you want to do the research, go to to see other sites they host, and you'll see that every one of these sites has the exact same text. I do not want the text. You wrote, "then don't use them" - well, we don't have much money, and SocialGo was the cheapest option we could find to start up, and that's the only reason we used them - we had no other choice within our budget. But we have found a group to build a better website for us now, and the new site will not have the privacy text - we'll write a new text that says we will not sell or give away personal data. Again, all I have is my word, and if you still don't believe me, just wait a few months for the new site to come out and you can read for yourself.

You wrote that I'm not being upfront with everyone. I am being upfront. We have not written about all the other services we may provide because we don't know exactly what new services we may provide - but the core service, to connect guests and hosts, is done for free, and we'll offer a new option soon (not currently available), as I wrote, for guests to pay hosts through our site - but it will only be an option (we welcome people to bypass the payment system and pay in person, if they so choose).

Okay, Brettman, your turn. Let me know if you may finally trust me, or if you want to discuss further. In addition, I'm even happy to skype or call you directly - I don't normally spend so much time on one potential customer, but all we have is our honor - I learned this from my grandfather who was a small-time business man. I am happy to talk with you until you trust me (and I'm convinced you'll trust me if you give me the chance to fully discuss any set of points you want), and it's worth it to me to stop any negative opinions about our company at this early stage.

Kind regards,

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Best of luck with the site

I've seen a number of similar sites emerge from different parts of the world in the last few years but they have all obligated the host to charge something which has always turned me off as a potential dinner host. This always seemed like a natural extension for the big hospex sites like CS - one could offer meal hosting independent of whether one was available to host guests or not using the same database of users.

Anyway it's good to see a site where charging is optional, best of luck.

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Thanks Paul

Thanks for your encouragement, Paul.

Yes, one of the integral parts of PurpleDinner is that it is open for how hosts and guests want to use it - currently about half of our hosts offer dinner for free. I think it's nice that if someone wants to cook a lavish, multi-course meal for guests, that they can charge, or if someone is out of work, they can make some money by cooking nice meals and hosting, but I know many people will want to do this just out of the joy of meeting people and sharing a meal, so I think it's important to have the free option. I'm glad you agree.

As I wrote, we are building a much user-friendlier site, which should be out in a few months, so I hope you'll take a look then, and enjoy being a member of PurpleDinner (always free).


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