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Help for visa in China

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Help for visa in China

Hi everyone!

How do you manage to have an invitation letter for your visa application? I'm going to China soon and need to tell about my itinerary and got an invitation. Is anyone able to write me down such a letter?

Thanks in advance


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Visa in China

Salut Steph !

China apply the "reciprocity" that means, if Canada give hard time to Chinese applying for visa, they will do the same ...

Moreover, it is very political: for instance, France, Sarko's wife made a handshake to the DaiLama a few years ago.

Eh ben,... visa for the French was bit redTape... and they lost huge contracts ...

You see the picture ? so visa wise it changes permanently.
Normally, you do not need an invitation letter ( cold war is over ! )
For European, it is valid 3 months.
but the problem is that you are supposed to show hotels reservations, air ticket return ... so it is a bit of pain ...

Now, if you really need an invitation letter, do not hesitate to contact a Chinese in China with WS.
I am sure they will do it for your.

Moreover, Canada image is very good in China... thanks to Norman Bethune, a famous Chinese hero !

If I was in China, Id love to help you.

If you need more info on China, do not hesitate to contact me !

China, for lonely girls is very safe ! not like Europe or India !
.. but there are also des voleurs !! so keep an eye on your stuff.

I am definitely sure you will appreciate the China hospitality, particularly in small village.
Large city such as Beijing or Shanghai, ... c'est un peu chacun pour soit ... like everywhere.

Wish you bon voyage !
Should you be in Geneva, please by my guest !

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no need really to write details ininerary


forgot to say.

to cut short the redTape about your itinerary: you do not need really to give all the details.

Personally, with a nonChinese Pass :

- I go on the internet and book a hotel for 3 months ( make sure you can cancel)
- I book my air ticket
- On the Visa application Form, I just write the hotel and the period of 3 months.
- I make copy of the form (requested) and go to the consular.
- Once I got my visa ( 3 days), I just cancel the hotel.

- Once in China, then I travel freely.

Steffi, please believe me, China is not as it used to be 30 years ago !
It is pretty free, except in some part, for instance Tibet ...

I am just afraid that I you go to the consular with your detailed itinary, the guy will be forced to ask you all the hotels you will stay ... real pain in the neck !

ok, if you pass the chinese border on your bicycle ( through La Route de La Soie par exemple ), c'est une autre story.

for more details, we could have a skype conf if you wish to.
I will then tell you à quoi il faut faire attention ... (nourriture, circulation, ... )

bearing in mind that when it is lunch time in NY, it is midnight here in europe.

Wish you all the best !

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Thanks a lot for all the

Thanks a lot for all the information! Ça aide beaucoup! I'm going tomorrow to get my Visa, I just book hotel and set an fictif itinerary to show. I hope it's gonna be good!

Would love to talk to you and had some tips on the itinerary I should go and any other stuff I must know to have a fun and agréable expérience en Chine.

All the best!

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Stephi: since you speak F, have a deep look at this site.

you have a check liste for world traveller , he talks about China...

Do you Homework before going !
You have plenty of info on Cycling en Chine ... on the internet, you must dig ...

Aide toi et Dieu t'aidera !!!

I would recommend, to contact WS chinese member, do not hesitate to ask them info.
I am sure the will help you !

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help for visa in PRChina

IF you do a google, you will find heaps of contacts for bike clubs, shops, and bike touring operatotrs. Try sending a request to one ( or more) of those, explaining your situation.

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Thanks everyone, just got my

Thanks everyone, just got my visa! Let the adventure begin in 10 days!

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