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bicycle film festival in istanbul

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bicycle film festival in istanbul

hıı everybody,
l hope everything is good and tires is ok:))
ı want to share bicycle film festival in istanbul,may be somebody want to come,
excuse me, ı can't make accomadate though we can go together ,
this is the program

Bike,movie,festival,music,fun e.t.c.
who join me? it could become a great couchsurfing bike and festival meeting!!!

what? Bicycyle film festival 2014 istanbul
This year’s programme will consist of selected screenings from previous editions and new movies, as well as workshops and talks about bicycle culture.

Please Note: All of the events including screenings are free of charge.

Detailed program will be announced in the following days.
though last year bicycle film festival is second year in istanbul and last year we were celebrating with concerts like blonde redhead group and some events in holland consulate,showing movies, biking in buyukada island Blonde red head was the bicycle film festivals opening concerts,
ı am waiting this years program,ı hope this is better than last

when? 18.09.2013 until 21.09.2013

where? itü taşkışla campus

how much? program announce

genre? Movie, festival, bike

Artist:bike :)

And if u want more information you can check
Bicycle film festival web page also watch short movies in there

I'm looking forward to this day.. maybe with some of you?u can try to come to festival by bike if u live in european side
We can meet before festival for drink
U can contact me on facebook