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Cycling to work

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Cycling to work

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

My name is John. I am of course a touring cyclist as I assume everyone else here is. But for the moment I am between tours and so doing some work instead.

So I am doing a project in Frankfurt, Germany. My goal is to increase the number of people cycling in the city and this project is specifically looking at cycling to work (for the moment). Whilst this project is specific to Frankfurt the concept isn't at all and so I would love any feedback or suggestions from a community of fellow bike-lovers.

I am creating a website which aims to provide, or link to, everything someone would want for cycling to work. For example it will list all the bike shops in Frankfurt for various purposes (new bikes, second hand, repairs, hire). It will link to bike maps of the city and route planners. There will be a section on the cycling laws in the city, government plans for future infrastructure, a user-produced list of problem spots and campaigns for change. It will host print-out posters on the benefits of cycling for both the employee and employer. It will offer advice to employers on why they should encourage people to cycle in and how they can help them do it (schemes, showers, bike lockers...). It will have a feed of local and global cycling news, local events and blogs. Finally, and most importantly in my mind, it will have a forum and gallery.

The reason I want to create this site is that I don't think there is a comprehensive site for this information in Frankfurt, and I think having one place will make it easier for people to access what they need. It's not so much to convince people to cycle to work, but more for people who would like to anyway but don't think it is feasible for them. I also think it's important that this site is user-created and user-influenced - it will work best if it creates or taps into a community. So I am contacting cyclists in the area to become a part of the project, but I would also love other people's (your) opinions. The site doesn't need to generate money (I am paid for the project already), but I really want it to be a success if it can be.

So please let me know if you think such a site would be beneficial to you or others in your own town or city, what you would want from such a site and what you think it should do for you. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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I think it is a great plan to

I think it is a great plan to create a website like that, the things you want to add sound really good. In netherlands we have this thing called 'fietsplan' which means you get up to 50% discount when you buy a bicycle via your employer. it has something to do with taxes, it is hard to explain. you have to use the bicycle to cycle to work to get the discount if i understand correctly. it means you can buy a new bicycle every few years, and i think it is a wonderful idea to get people out of their cars and on a bike :)

maybe there is also something similar in germany? i know your website isn't focussed on getting more people to cycle to work, but i couldn't help showing off with the dutch love for cycling (and discounts) :)

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Hi Regine. We have a similar

Hi Regine. We have a similar scheme in the UK (though not as generous as it was), but in Germany they don't have anything on those lines yet. It's definitely content I would like to include on the site though because it's relevant to know how other countries do things and maybe one day there will be enough demand for it to happen in Germany.

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Add an interactive map?

That sounds like a great idea. You will have to be careful to NOT provide too much information. It's possible of overwhelm as well as underwhelm. ;-)

In Baton Rouge the city government has created an interactive map to assist riders in planning routes, finding destinations, et cetera. You can see it here:

A map like that is a lot of work. It is also, potentially, a lot of help to new riders. If you can find the resources you might consider adding something like it for your area.


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hi Mark, thanks for the

hi Mark,

thanks for the feedback. I really agree with not overloading with information, in part because if the site tries to do too much then it won't end up doing anything really well. So I am thinking about ways to target the site a bit more, at least for the beginning, and then add more material when it's appropriate. For example the site could specialise in providing information on all the bike shops in the Frankfurt region, with comparisons on a range of topics like prices on specific items, stock, size, yell rating and so on.

Yeah that map looks great. I don't think it's something I will have the time or expertise to do on my project but actually there is something similar for this region (radroutenplanen.hessen) and so I can link to them - it makes more sense to link to things that are done well rather than try to reproduce it all at a lower quality.

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Less is more

Hey, John,

You appear to have a firm grasp on the situation. I'm sure you will enjoy great success with your project!

It's amazing how a dynamic site such as you propose can eat so much time for the person(s) keeping it current. I wonder if there is a way to "crowd source" the upkeep?


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Just a thought

Maybe you could reach out to some of the bigger employers there, and see if people started biking to work if they would give them a inside place to put their bikes, or even showers, lockers and so on. They might help promote it for it would be a win win for both, a happy healthy employee would be more productive and of course more time spent at work instead of sick days. Sounds like it will be a great web site.

Good Luck

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