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Cycling in Romania

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Cycling in Romania

Hello everybody,
I started a trip from Barcelona to Istanbul, and now arraving south of Poland.
I wanted to ask what is the best way to arrive at Sofia, Bulgaria from Slovak Republic.
Some people told me that Romania isn't too pleasant and that there are a lot of theaft and robbery.
I would like to ask if anyone past through the black sea and if you know of any cycling paths/roads that are cycling-friendly.
Also, if somebody is cycling the same route in a week from now, I would be happy to join...
Thank everyone in advance,

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România is the best country

România is the best country in west Europe to cycling because the people and some places are so good. From Slovak will arrive to Maramures and the Bucovina region. Go to the south across Bucuresti and then will go to the est to the Black Sea in Constanta and go the south to Bulgarian Black Sea coast

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ecotopia roads

I also heard bad stories about stolen bikes, usually outside of big towns. Romanians are welcoming so asking to put a tent in someone's field is easy and safer than wild camping.

Stray dogs are friendly, shepperd dogs can be agressive and big, locals told me to stay calm, no yelling, no throwing stuff, the dog just wants you to stop.

Ecotopia bike tour passed twice in Bulgaria, there might be usefull information on their website

Did you think about passing on the other side of the black sea?

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I cycled around Romania in my

I cycled around Romania in my trip around the Balkans and i found it the best country of all.Don't miss the Maramures and Bucovina area.You will be surprised of the beauty of the Tranfagarasan road mind the weather though.Laku Rosu is one of the best passes with the bicycle and don't listen all these craps that the Romanians are thieves.There is no such thing,they are very friendly and helpfull.I didn't visit the Delta and the Black Sea but the landscapes especially when you are at the Carpathians are breathtaking.I went into the country from Serbia to Timisoara,then Hunedoara,Sibiu,Transfagarasan,Sinaia.Brasov.and the to the north to Bucovina on the way down i visited also Bucharest which is nice.Don't miss Veliko Tarnovo when you will go to Bulgaria.

Enjoy pedalling

Yannis Amarantidis

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Cycling in Romania

Hello Yotam,
My wife and I recently rode through Romania from Gyula, Hungary on the western border. We initially pedaled south through some very rural areas before turning east towards Sebes. From there we rode over the Carpathians via the Transalpina (67C) and then east along the foothills to Pitesti. Then we took a train to enter Bucharest for a few days before training to Constanta and riding down the coast to Bulgaria.

The people we met along the way were wonderfully accommodating and giving. The road surfaces varied from nice new asphalt to roads with more potholes than surface to gravel to dirt...We had no problems with people, only a few of the dogs that barked and chased but never more. Yes, the shepherd dogs (usually big) will bark and chase but they respond quickly to the shepherd. Get his attention early and you won't have any troubles from his dogs.

Riding down the Black Sea coast, you don't have too many choices beyond the bigger roads but the traffic was relatively light. it is mainly the bigger BMW, Audi...sedans that drive as if they bought the road with the car that present potential problems.

After crossing into Bulgaria, the traffic continues to be light and the road choices few. About 20 km from the border, there is finally a road out to the coast that parallels the big highway. There aren't many services but it is a lovely ride.

We didn't ride east to Sophia but continued south along the coast before heading the mountains into Turkey. Be aware that many of the services are shut down and few, if any, of the campgrounds are open since tourist season is over. There are a number of wild camping spots right on the beach in Bulgaria, sometimes in the open, sometimes just a bit hidden.

The Bulgarian people are wonderfully nice as well. Hopefully the weather is as nice for you as it was for us.

Enjoy the ride,

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Thanks to everyone about their comments on Romania
A buddy and I are cycling the eurovelo 6 may 2015
As there does not seem to be much info on Romania
Anything gleamed on sites like this is very useful.

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Paths crossing?

Hi Anthony,

I will be there as well for the first 2 weeks of June. I am hoping that local maps will clue us in on camping options. Otherwise, we plan to engage the locals.

I've been blogging about my preparation on my blog -, every Friday. We will be riding from April 8th to June 27th from Madrid to Constanta.

Would love to see how you're preparing for this. Let me know if you have a blog I can follow as well.


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Thank you everyone,
In the end I cycled down to Cluj-Napoca and from there took a bus to Bucharest.
The people were accommodating and very nice.

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Cycling to the Black Sea

I cycled down from Belgrade to the mouth of the Danube at Tulcea via Constanta in September. This was on the Eurovelo 6 route. The weather was hot and I faced a breeze in my face most of the way.
The guide to the Eurovelo6 route (in English or German) is published by and was helpful in that it offered a choice of routes along the Danube as well as information about accommodation, restaurants etc.
If you are intending to follow the Danube, you will find that, for the most part, the roads are quiet and the hills are not too steep. The only heavier traffic was on the approach to Constanta and heading north from Constanta through Mamaia for 15 kms or so.
Otherwise, the people are friendly and helpful, the dogs not too much of a bother, and pleasant scenery.
Have fun

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I was in romania this summer

I was in romania this summer and people are very heplful. They give us every day a pack of fruit, vegetables, coffee and some even offer money. Best way from Slovakia to Sofia is throughout Hungary (flat land, full of thermal spas and legendary cousine) than Serbia (nicest people in Europe) and than Bulgaria.

Enjoy your trip buddy,-)

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