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looking for a job in China/Japan

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looking for a job in China/Japan


we are traveling at the moment (have a look at our profile), but are running a bit low on cash...

We both are fluent in Enlish, have a masters degree and are social, easygoing people. We are up for about any job we can do!

If anyone can help us, please get in touch.

kind regards,
Nina & Gerri

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Jobs in China/ Japan

Hi Nina & Gerri,
I don't know how long you plan on styaing in that area, but jobs as English teachers are fairly easy to get, especially if you are already in country, and can start right away. Public school jobs are a bit harder to find, and are set, but if you look into private schools, they may have part-time or full-time positions for the semester. This is especially true for Korea (though I don't know if you'll be going down that way). In Korea there is a program called EPIK, in Japan it's called JET -although I don't know if they are solely public schools. Footprints recruiting (a free website) is also good to help find private school English Teaching jobs in most parts of Southeast Asia. I know more about Korea than Japan or China, but I hope this has been somewhat helpful. Good Luck!

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hey! thanks for the reply,we are looking into it right now :-)

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english teacher

know it is old spot but may help others.

as teacher, i would rather find a job in small cities, NOT SHANGHAI, BEIJING ... where there are already a lot of foreigner

i think the smallest the city the easier

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