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Nigerian 411 Spammer

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Nigerian 411 Spammer

I've recieved this email from a member.What do you think about it?I think it is the HOAX.Every member ought to beware about this case.

This is message that I recieved. [edited by admin]

"..--------------------- Please reply above this line -------------------+
Hello I know my message will come to you as a surprise.i am miss eunice
amin from coted\'ivoire(ivory coast) west Africa i saw your profile and
i was totally convinced to write you for friendship and in reference of
the urgent help assistant i need from you with understanding please my
dear can you help me reactivate and transfer of US$9 MILLION DOLLARS to
your account ..."

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Yes, of course

Yes, of course this was a Nigerian scammer, and was deleted before we even saw your post.

In the future, please use the contact form to report a spammer contacting you like this; we delete them immediately.

-Randy Webmaster

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Nigerian 411 Spammer

Yep - this is one of the oldest scams in the book..
Delete it and forget it.