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Can i please have your easy help with bicycle research?

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Can i please have your easy help with bicycle research?


I am a masters student at Bond University. I am currently researching reasons for why people choose to use bicycles for transport. A part of this research is a short 3 minute survey, but i need many respondents to get a good basis for my analysis.

I know this is a great community after some lurking here i have taken the step to register and kindly ask for your help answer my survey.
I can assure you it is short, easy and completely anonymous. You will not be asked for any identifying information and no attempt to contact you will be made.

Here is the link to to the survey:

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and i am very gratefull for all responses you provide!

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact me here or by my email:

Best regards

Jonas Ali Ghanizadeh

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Wow! Some People shared the

Wow! Some People shared the link in an email list or something and the responses exploded. I would be happy With 100, now i got 250.

So i had to Close the survey to be able to analyse it. Thank you very much!!

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