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How to get fuel for Primus Omnifuel (multifuel stove)

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How to get fuel for Primus Omnifuel (multifuel stove)

I have a Primus Omnifuel.

I am struggling to find fuel for it. I don't think it is allowed to fill up small bottles at a petrol station, and I have not found other fuels in shops.
Any ideas where should I look?
In France I got some BBQ lighting fluid which according to the ingredients was lots of different hydrocarbons (not water or gelatine or anything weird), it burned pretty well. I am now in Spain. I might try a big hardware shop today.

Advice appreciated!

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stove fuel

We used a similar stove on our 3 year trip. the best fuel is white gas, which in france is sold under a different name. ( see below)
We used petrol from petrol stations for a couple of years - it was fine to buy a litre, but it means you need to clean your stove much more frequently, as petrol clogs up the jet as it causes soot to build up - in the end we had to clean the stove every other day as the petrol quality in south america was poor.
You can clean your stove quite easily by burning it with alcohol - just poor some pure alcohol on the wick and light it, and let it burn all the alcohol - this cleans the system. Obviously with your stove you can't use alcohol based fuels for cooking - this is only to clean it. We did this alcohol burning inbetween more thorough cleaning every few days. (this was not so necessary when the stove was brand new)
Here is a link to a website with appropriate fuels and their brandnames in various countries.

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Fuel supplies

We use a Colman Peak multifuel stove and have had no problem buying small quantities of unleaded petrol (gas) in filling stations all over Europe. Our bottles are .75 litre and sometimes we buy as little as .5 litre no problem.

Don't be embarrassed, give it a go, but beware of overflowing the bottles - the pumps deliver large amounts very quickly.

Geoff Barber

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