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Searching by country?

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Searching by country?

How do start a search for potential hosts in a country. I had no trouble with Japan but when i put in for France, i get a lot of people with France coming up in their name including francesco and francis.

I can't get a list of french hosts to show up.

To me it is at least as useful adn certainly quicker to have a complete list of hosts in a country than doing it city by city. Not everyone may live in the city.

The CSV search wasn't useful for france because provences are listed by number rather htan by name. And most of the village names or suburbs are unknown.

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It looks to me like you've

It looks to me like you've already mastered the searching techniques in the FAQ,, but I'm surprised you're not using the map, which is what most people do. Map search avoids the vagaries of province names (which I don't think are used as much outside North America)

Of course, you already got the list of French hosts as a CSV and it was unsatisfactory because of the province names. French members (a long time ago) said that the numbered provinces were OK, but they may not be. "Second-level administrative regions" are really hard to get right in a lot of places. We've had loads of trouble with the UK as well. So we've put way more effort into the map search than the other techniques.

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Oh yes i think i got the

Oh yes i think i got the french hosts but i couldn't tell where they were in France from the written list. Absolutely no idea whether they lived in Provence of Paris.

I find i need both map and address to decide who to email.

Same problem with Japan. I can't tell whether someone is from Tokyo or the other end of the country unless it says Tokyo. So then i have to go and check by looking at the map because generally the addresses don't list tokyo.

Anyway it turns out that there's no one on the forum who lives where i'm going so no warm showers for me on this trip unless someone invites me off the road.

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France is something of a special case ...

The Postcode system for France would help you there, but it does need a de-coder to make it User friendly for WS purposes. I made such a [simple] de-coder years ago for the ("old") WS, but I don't think it was ever used. One problem is that the system was designed during the fr Revolution, was good at the time, but needs up-dating !

it's also a difficulty that the French people generally don't use the NAME of their province in writing...just the code number !

The WS data *could* be made very easy to use for France.

I'll provide that simple de-coder again, if asked ( I'd need to go to my archives ..!).

BTW : just now, I had no trouble getting the CSV for France..

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We have so much trouble with

We have so much trouble with "provinces"; the UK is still a mess (counties) even though I've spent a lot of time trying to straighten it out. Unfortunately there are no international standards about subdivisions, and it's very hard to figure out in a different country what the standards are. What we'd like to do is use the same standards that postal addressing uses. In some countries that means the subdivision is completely ignored.

Denmark and Chile are are messed up because they changed theirs!

Country subdivision official info is at, France is at - it looks like what we're using is "Metropolitan Departments", and they might be relatively correct.

Making a change to these on the site is pretty involved and disruptive:
1. We have to get the right scheme going (which is hard!)
2. We have to notify everybody in the country to change their "province"

It's a lot of work for very little win. But we definitely have a backlog.

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one size fits ...??

I see the problem of a uniform format for *every* jurisdiction - it will throw up anomalies from time to time. Different formats for each Country would be impossible, however, that's clear !

What I suggest as a "de-coder" [ for each country, as & if required..] is a simple explanation of the Provinces list that country uses, this would be SEPARATE from the data, but linked from it.

So eg the France data can stay the same as it is, but have a separate doc that shows how to *use* it efficiently for WS purpose. BTW I presume that purpose is to locate hosts most easily in any particular place or region. ....

PS in the case of France, my suggested "de-coder" would allow the WS user to *group* adjacent Hosts in each province/Region.

If I locate it in my archives, or re-draft it, I can Post it to Google Docs for your perusal...!

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I'm not exactly sure what you

I'm not exactly sure what you are suggesting by your decoder but for my needs, i'd like to see all the addresses on one page without having to click links all over the place. Becuase that will involve a lot of extra toing adn froing through differnet links.

I think a way needs to be found, ultimately, to put all the information a guest requires on one page in such a way as they can figure out who to write to at a glance.

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I'm not sure how the map

I'm not sure how the map search is inadequate in your scenario - could you perhaps expand on what is problematic about it? You seem to have at least a vague route, wouldn't a glance at the map have told you that there are no hosts where you are going without combing through the country list? The list search tends to be much more useful when searching for hosts in large cities with many WS members.

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