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New york by bicycle

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New york by bicycle

Travelling in March to NY, I will exchange any European bike touring experience with a NY cyclist.
In France I am cycling in the Alps in Summer but also some touring in France with luggages.
This time, I am not alone, so biking will be short but anyway will be happy to meet locals bikers for a short trip around your great city.
Any recommandation (bike rental, places to go...). How is the weather in mid March, I suppose like in France (rainy around 10 degrees ?


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Hi. Just beware of thieves!!! They took my bike (french) after only 2 hours! The cops explained me that it's kind of local custom in NYC to steal bicycles. My poor little Decathlon lock last only 2 hours, as I said.
Trip from Washington to NYC was great, Sandy hurricane was pushing us.
Enjoy your trip and feel free to contact me if you need more (even if I'm living in Japan now).
Bon courage et éclate toi!

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