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Looking for some ACA maps to borrow!

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Looking for some ACA maps to borrow!

Hey Y'all!

My girlfriend Hilary and I have just finished touring from Norfolk, VA down to Key west, FL. We are planning on taking a 4 month hiatus from touring and are going to do some backpacking down in Central America. But, come April, we are picking up our bikes in Phoenix (we are shipping them there) and we are planning on biking the Grand Canyon Connector, the Utah Cliffs, and the Great Parks South routes outlined by the American Cycling Association. Does anyone in the community have these maps and are willing to share? If so we would love it if we could borrow them and ship them back to you (we would pay for all the shipping) when we are done. Or you could scan and send it to us and we would be forever grateful and send you many beautiful photos from our trip! Let us know and thanks in advance.