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Round the World Cycle

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Round the World Cycle

Hey everyone, my name is Reece. I'm a new user to Warmshowers and this year I will be cycling approximately 24000km around the world for charity.
I've toured through New Zealand and Tasmania before, but never more than 2000km in a single trip so I'm cycling into the unknown a little bit.

If anyone has any long term touring advice, country specific advice (my route can be found on my website at the bottom of this post) or just general advice, questions or comments about the trip then I'm all ears.

I do have one question though, as I've never used the site before, how much notice do people normally give if they are looking for a host. I ask this as I am not on a strict route or schedule for this trip and wont always know way in advance when I will be reaching a destination. Is one or two days enough when looking for a host or do I need to try and do things further in advance?

Cheers guys

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If you're looking for a host or you need advice on Belgium roads or must-sees, just contact me.

About the noticing in advance ... I think it depends how flexible you're host is.
For me, if I don't have plans I don't care how much in advance people notice. But due to busy job and life the chances of a "sorry, i'm not available" are bigger when noticing late.


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