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Los Angeles to New York

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Los Angeles to New York

I did my first 3000 mile bike ride San Diego to Seattle and buck at 69 years and now want to cross the states and back. I have been around the US and so I like to ride though the middle. If anyone has any advice for ridding though the states of northern of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, let me know.

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Crossing Arkansas


I rode cross-country last year and entered Oklahoma north of Dallas going to OKC. I departed OKC using some side streets until several miles east of the city then I cut down to US-62 (east), US-177, OK-9, US-270, US-69, US-70, US-59 into Texarkana. From Texarkana I followed US-82 across southern Arkansas to Lake Village on the Mississippi River. Most of these roads had good shoulders and no real hills except someplace in Oklahoma, but nothing serious.

Best of luck.

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Los Angeles to New York via Oklahoma?

John, I am smack in the middle of Oklahoma. Depending on your time frame, I might ride a day or so with you.... but since I am in grandma mode this summer, this also might not happen.

No matter what, I can host with a camp spot if you need it.

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From San Diego to....

I am planning on departing san diego in a few weeks. This will be my first ride of any real distance. I plan on heading east, hit up some national parks. I dont have much of a route planned but I plan on landing in denver in mid april. any tips on the best way to get out of southern california? ild like to see lake mead, and southern utah/ northern AZ, NM....

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