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Assistance on the road. (KK, Sabah)

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Assistance on the road. (KK, Sabah)

I have made my WS account status set to "unavailable" for the time being, due to unforeseen circumstance for the next 3 year. I will not tell you why. However, if you need help while arriving to Kota Kinabalu, transit through KK or just for no apparent reason, i will assist you.

I can help you if you need to know the locale, if you need a licensed driver for a car, if you need to know where the bicycle shops are, if you need pick up, need a guide for direction or any other unrelated issue but mostly bicycle, then, i can assist you.

That is all i can tell you. If you need more information on the city of Kota Kinabalu, drop me an e-mail.

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Hi John !

oh nice, Malaysia ! was there once with my wife ... loved it, multicultural, nice scenery nice peopel, nice food

Once i am fully retired, will go through your country and hope to meet you.

should you be in Swiss, please be my guest.... would move to China in a couple of years ...


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Open Channel

Dear Coco,

i am delighted to receive your comment. Please be assured my offer for assistance are open to all regardless. The feeling are mutual. Please do drop by for a cup of tea some day.

Maybe i wont be able to get to Switzerland in this lifetime but it is one of my dream to cycle to Europe from South East Asia, along the Central Asia route.

Accordingly, i will be in Borneo for the next 3 years. Who knows when will i be able to get out from here?


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