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Tour de France Alternatiba 5th June to 21th September

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Tour de France Alternatiba 5th June to 21th September

Dear Cyclotourist brothers!

I'm Guillaume, member of Warmshowers and an environmental association named Alternatiba based in Bayonne. We militated to provide environmental alternative for food, construction, moving, economy... through more than 70 alternatives villages who are implementing all around Europe every week-end since 2 years now.

In order to get a huge mediatic impact before the next COP 21 who will happen the 30th november 2015, we organise an ambitious tour de France with a 4 places tandem: 5000km during 4 months trough 4 countries!
You can check our website:

We would like invite all Warmshowers riders to follow us on the road and be part of the village who will be arranged in every stages. You've got the map on the website link above.

I'm sure this event will interest many of you: so dont hesitate to join us and be part of one of the biggest european alternative trip!

Thanks by advance.