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Cool Mancave Accessories

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Cool Mancave Accessories

I was just downtown in Des Moines where the Iowa Bike Expo is being held tomorrow. I wandered around the booths setting up. They weren't all ready yet but the most interesting and truly innovative products I saw were from a new start-up company, "Cave Competitor". They are unveiling their product line at the show.

Their market target is the hardcore Ironman and Triathlon crowd that have training bikes in their basements. The Cave Competitor products are high-end stands to use while training. One is the Media Stand for in front of you that holds anything from a phone for music to a 17" TV screen. The other big item is the Caddy which sits alongside the trainer. This is for your food, drinks and whatever. It includes a slip-in freeze tray that keeps your Gatorade at 40 degrees for 5 hours. And it even has a add-on service post for working on your bike.

The items are made by a fabricator in Iowa who uses the same steel and paints on these stands that they use for making parts for John Deere tractors. The items are heavy duty and well thought out.

I would get too bored training in my basement, but this might be helpful to those of you out there that do.