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insurance query - FCO advice

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insurance query - FCO advice

Hey there,

We are UK nationals cycling from Europe to West Africa via Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal... etc. We just got told by our insurance company that they won't cover us for any countries where the FCO travel advice is 'against all travel' or 'against all but essential travel' (red or amber on the maps). They don't offer any policy that will cover us for these areas (we will unavoidably have to go through the amber part of Mauritania). Anyone know of an insurance company that would cover this? AND that wouldn't mind that we've already left the UK? aaand about bike touring being the central purpose of the trip rather than an occasional activity en route? Don't really want to have to go insurance-less for the duration of that country...


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cycling is emotion and the desire of every human being to proof

hey there,

i will be grateful to host you people if like you will be happy to come in the Gambia....well am a cyclist and i also do a lot on bike here with the touring cyclist...

warm regards
salieu cyclist

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