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South Africans, may I borrow/rent your GoPro?

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South Africans, may I borrow/rent your GoPro?

Any South Africans out there?

 My GoPro just died on me a couple of weeks ago in Mozambique and I can't film ( I'm doing stuff for TV) I checked on the prices in South Africa and they are ridiculously expensive so I won't have a chance to get a new one until March.

In the meanwhile I don't want to miss filming the whole way from Maputo to Cape Town across Drakensberg- Lesotho- the Karoo....

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to lend/rent it to me for a month? We could think of a way so I can assure you I'll return it or pay for it if I break it...

I'm a photographer that's why it's so important, you can check my work at