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Buy tour bike in Europe or buy one in the US and fly with it?

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Buy tour bike in Europe or buy one in the US and fly with it?

Hello!! I'm planning a trip that will start in either Spain or Portugal, and that will head over through France and Switzerland, down to Italy, and then to connect with the Eastern parts of the EuroVelo 8. Right now I do not own a bike that is appropriate for the route. I'm looking for something functional and easy to manage for someone who does not know much about bicycles. I'm wondering..should I buy a bike in Europe, where I hear they may be more expensive, and sell it after my tour? Should I buy one in the states, but pay the $200 baggage fee to ship it to Europe?

I would love to hear any advice you may have about what bikes may be good for someone like me on that route, and what might be the cheaper option for me. Also, any stories or ideas that may help me plan my trip would definitely be appreciated! Thanks!!

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be take or buy there

I like having my own gear so pay the price to take my bicycle to Europe. Believe there are companies that will rent complete set up. Good luck. Enjoy. Sorry not of much help.

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We are taking our bikes

We are taking our bikes across to the states. We know the bikes well and they are suitable for our trip. I would feel like I was walking in someone elses shoes if I flew over and bought a bike when I arrived. Plus you may rush into a decision depending on what was available

Thats my advice anyway

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touring bike

to find a touring bike in any area you have to be able to get the person or shop selling it
in a big city that is very difficult to do using public transportation
So get the touring bicycle were you live and know the area.
Not in some foreign city were you don't speak the language
Could have a shop like Rivendell in walnut Creek, CA ship a new one to were your going to start riding

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In your case I'ld try to get

In your case I'ld try to get in contact with ws members in the very area from where you want to start. Someone should be willing and able to help you to find a bike for your trip - perhaps even an "outdated" high quality 2nd hand bike for even less money than the baggage fee would be. Ws members are welcoming and reliable enough to share their homes at night, so I also would not hesitate to trust their advice about buying a bike at their place.

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To get an idea, what prices

To get an idea, what prices are in Spain (or other countries), you can check this website:

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Buying is the right option!

It depends on how much time you want to reserve for the action of buying a bicycle in Europe and your preparations at home – if you make an intensive internet search looking for a bike, you will probably find one for less than 200 USD. In Europe, unlike the US, the distances to stores are acceptable , and you often find universal department stores , also selling bicycles (you don’t need a fancy, fashionable expensive bike, don’t you?) , centrally in towns, not only in shopping malls. Try for instance Carrefour.

BTW, in the States I found this bike:

It is great, a perfect touring bike!

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Decathlon is your cycling

Decathlon is your cycling friend in Europe. Good quality bikes and very good service. Large stores in Spain and France. Often close to airports.
Something like this will take you anywhere.

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