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Mississippi River Trail

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Mississippi River Trail

My friends and I are looking to ride the MRT this summer. Self supported. We are looking for thoughts and suggestions on places to hit and places to skip.


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Consider Baton Rouge

I'm biased about this but I really suggest you stop in Baton Rouge, LA. We're not New Orleans (nowhere else is like New Orleans) but we do have a great deal of history, amazing trees, a tiger at LSU, and a number of very good bike shops.

I am also familiar with the routes downriver to New Orleans on both sides of the River, which can be helpful.


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Hey there. My father has rode

Hey there.

My father has rode down the Mississipi River. Started in National Falls and finished in New Orleans. His website is

This could help. His website is a little confusing, though you can search it.

Hope this helps.


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Rode MRT in 2014

I rode the MRT in 2014. I stayed with Mark Martin, above commenter, and agree with his comments. For photos and written comments on the ride, see my blog or go to my YouTube slideshow (without comments) at

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Little Falls

Look us up... We are on the route in Little Falls, MN and we own a bicycle shop!

I rode the route in 2012 North bound form NO to MN! Was an amazing experience except for that one wrong muddy turn

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I am a french woman, and I'm

I am a french woman, and I'm also planning to ride the MRT, and intend to start from NO in late may. I have some questions about and thank anyone who helps me.
1) I want to avoid carrying my own bicycle from France, so my plan is to buy a touring one on the spot, and to sell it before flying back. Does anyone know a bikeshop in NO where to buy budget one (or second hand)? I don't know about US prices, but I hope to find something less than 500 $. Do you think that possible ?
2) I decided on riding from south to north because of what I guess about the weather on the way from may to july. Do you agree ?
3) I 'd like to get advices and good plans from everyone who already rode in MRT
Thanks a lot

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Bikes for less than $500

Bonjour Joelle,

On peut acheter un bicyclette oh, forget it. My French isn't that good :>)

You can find very good touring bikes for under $500 in the US, but you have to be lucky. I bought a virtually unused Trek 520 for $375 two years ago, but I haven't seen one close to that price since. On the other hand, the Fuji Touring bike sells for less than $800 brand new, and it is very good right out of the box. You should be able to find a decent hybrid for around $500 or less that will work as well.

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