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Using Buddy Passes with Bicycles

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Using Buddy Passes with Bicycles

I have a Delta Buddy Pass. I'm looking for information on traveling to either Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam or Frankfort next summer for a bike tour and wanting to take my personal touring bike from the US. Has anyone had success doing this (or miserable failures)? Any suggestions or cautions will be appreciated. Basically, will plan the tour around the most convenient, available starting/ ending points with a flexible length of approximately one month from early July to August.
Thanks, Mark

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buudy pass

Hi Mark.

I've successfully taken my bike to New Zealand on a pass (and got it home again too). As long as there is room for you, there's room for your bike. I don't know Delta's baggage policies, so there may or may not be an extra charge. Your Delta buddy can find out.

Also ask your Delta buddy to check the flight loads as your departure dates get closer. I've gone in and out of Europe several times on passes. London is by far the easiest (for me), but it just depends on storms, volcanoes, religious holidays, and strikes. August may be quite hard. Make sure that Delta is not embargoing buddy pass travel to or from Europe on the dates you're interested in.

Have you travelled on a pass without a bike before?

-- Kate

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Buddy passes reply

Thanks Kate. I haven't used them for bikes. I have a flexible schedule for the month of July, and flying on July 4th is most always an easy day for Buddy Passes to just about any destination. Recently my daughter had a couple of days delay due to weather and with hotel, extra transportation etc. ended paying the same or possibly more than a regular fare. So, deciding whether to try this with a bike or not. Thanks for your input.

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You're certainly right about

You're certainly right about July 4 being a good day to fly!

Flexibility is a good thing. I've spent a couple of nights in the Frankfurt airport, and a few times spent the day there then just gave up for the week and went back to Stuttgart (where we were living at the time). I usually had better luck from Zurich, but the train connections were harder. Good luck!

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