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Eurovelo 8/Northern Mediterranean Route

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Eurovelo 8/Northern Mediterranean Route

I'm planning my first bike tour this summer with my boyfriend and we are looking through the Eurovelo routes. We are starting in Spain and Eurovelo 8 (along the northern Mediterranean coast) seemed to be our best option, but of course much of it is still unfinished.

I am an unexperienced rider but I want to follow that path. Has anyone done anything similar and has advice on possibly sticking to smaller routes along the coast?

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Its à very good idea to get along this road, even if you can get some unexpected sporty parts on it. I did it in 2 times from algeciras to Marseille,and you just have to beware of à few things:
-it can be VERY hot in the summer,be prepared.beware also of surpopulation in the summertime on the coast. So take care of the prices,of your stuff,and rest is fun.

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eurovelo 8


Im planing the trip for this summer with my girlfriend starting in August 10 from Valencia. Do you have more information about the roads. Is it necesary to travel with a GPS or is preety easy to move.

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