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Cyclists in LA, I need a hand... (paid gig)

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Cyclists in LA, I need a hand... (paid gig)


If there is someone in or passing through LA who is willing to help with a little project, I could really use a hand. Essentially, I'm super busy and don't really trust myself to do a good job of it within the limited time I have available.

I need someone to source two cheap bikes for casual cruising around town, then make sure they are in good/safe condition for riding by doing any necessary repairs. Both bikes should be sort of usable by (almost) anybody from age 12 and up. If you're in LA, you'll be called on for ongoing maintenance and repairs as necessary. I can be contacted at (sorry for the anon email address, its just for this bulletin board post so I don't end up getting spammed like crazy)

Thanks in advance for your response!

PS - In case you were thinking "why not just use taskrabbit?"... I've already tried using taskrabbit as a resource for this project, but they've changed the site and its now only usable for limited types of work, and a project like this doesn't really fit the pre-defined molds available, beyond that, you can't really search taskers for skills like "bike maintenance".