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Vegan Bicycle Touring!

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Vegan Bicycle Touring!

Share your tips,tricks, stories and experiences!

I would say that my best tip is to try and stock up on peanut butter and bananas!

Also for the first time I started asking people if i could camp in their garden and often ended up spending breakfast with them and people were really helpful with language and ingredients I could look out for :)

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Vegan Cycling

We have cycled through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as vegans. It is doable, but a bit of planning goes a long way.

We make it clear on our profile that we are Vegan and that we hope any cyclist choosing to stay with us will try at least one vegan meal :-)

Go Vegan
Lee & Mal

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long-time vegan traveler

I stop in every supermarket (large grocery store) I can find and stock up on granola and other non-perishables. I eat a lot of fruit when I'm in a large town with options, and of course if I encounter a vegan restaurant I have to go there. Farmers markets and farmstands are heaven.

Camping tip from the Sprocket Podcast (recommend you check it out): After eating all the PB out of the jar, fill it halfway with regular oats, add dried fruit and soy/almond milk, let sit for a few hours or overnight. Great breakfast. Personally I'm allergic to PB but I love overnight oats.

I typically keep one of my panniers for just food. Depending where you are you might have to carry a lot of snacks, or just buy oats or rice and beans anywhere.

The most difficult thing isn't the food, but the stupid questions and hostility I encounter from some people. But as for other bike tourists and WS hosts, nobody has ever given me a problem; just the occasional difficult situation of being invited to a BBQ or something.

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